Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November

Assalamualaikum and Morning . *i am writing this entry in the morning, So. Yeah* It is November. Well. Cliche . Everyone is writing a post about how November should be nice to them what so ever . Haha . Month is simply a month . They just indicate time, days, weeks. I mean how the *hall* does a month have to do with being nice anyway . Yeah . I know. This entry is annoying . :p

So . By the 25th of November i will be starting the semester at UiTM Sabah. My last semester. Semester 6 *woot~ Woot~ imma senior* Alhamdulillah . Received my result yesterday , in which will be kept secret . For what gebang2 ? :p haha . But still I'm not telling . Unless you already know bout it so , yeah .

Semester 5 ended just like that . I did not really feel anything except for the fact that i have been *lazying* around . Rarely do my revision but i did work hard on my assignments , individual or group . There were two group projects that was indeed important . Marks were given according to ranks .

The first one was RolePlay for Organizational Behavior subject . In which my group did not expect to win First place ! Against other classes that was kind of wayyy out of our league in every single way .

The second one was Small Scale Innovation project for Creative & Critical Thinking subject , in which my group had won second place . I feel blessed because i did not really expect to win due to yet again other groups whom were extremely out of our league .

Others , well , test and quizzes that I did not really studied for . What else ..? Ahh . That is it . Haha . Could not remember most of the events that had happen . *still in holiday mode* . There are still about two or three weeks before the new semester begin and I am still trying to finish my driving lesson . Haha . Hey , whats the rush ? :p

Well that is all for now . Sudah cukup gebang . Hahhaha !

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